Artist statement  

                          …The Painting does not possess the painter…    

  Forms of ART is an Expression of thoughts, feelings, sense of Beauty as well as non-beauty. The artist is a member of a community, of a society, and of a civilization.   

She/He  is expressing their personal sense of participating in civilization's evolution. We do not 'possess' the Art, because ART is already part of our culture.  However, particular individuals have talents and gifts that can create evolutionary thought-forms that records joyful and sorrowful experiences of our particular culture, and multi-culture. 

    We are overjoyed when our work can express feelings within the viewer.    Art is a means of communicating to the individual or a group of individuals.    Individual Works of Art can invoke a sense of 'Healing'!, and of ‘Understanding’ and ‘Acceptance’ of our place in the greater realm.  

                                ::::My individual sense of Being an artist::::  

I studied photography (1980) at the University of Ottawa. Photography taught me how to 'look', how to 'frame' an image, even how to 'let go' of my shyness into the world!    Eventually, though, I really wanted to be a painter of colours and forms. In 1990, I began the Art of Painting! I met a fellow who gave me a tube of iridescent paint from which it can be mixed with other tubes of colours.  

I was so impressed because the painting can change 'feelings' when the Sun shines at it at different times of the day.  The painting is not a 'static' object. 

 It 'moves' with the different 'timing' of 'light' shining upon it.   It invokes different types of feelings and a way of 'looking' at it.

 Painting is also an expression of form in action.  And 'action' can be felt through the brush strokes.  Yet again, paintings can just be an expression of a particular thought invoking feelings.  

Art-forms like thought-forms become part of one's co-creation with other-selves - regardless of their means of communication, and co-operation in a world of turburlent duality and polarity.