Artist Statement

If I were a writer I would be hard pressed to make a piece of sculpture that clarified my writing. I am sure that artists' intentions have little to do with the outcome of a work of art. It is however part of my endeavor as an artist to say something about the social fabric called civilization. Sculpture is a language in and of itself. Its vocabulary is line, form, balance, texture, color and space. Some people understand this language and some don't. Making anything is a constant revelation of oneself by oneself and we must remember our creations are impermanent - the only value being the visions evolved in us during their inceptions. Ceramic sculpture has an inherent life of its own. It is concerned with exploring and creating new or different areas of communication. I do not work with a conscious or specific conviction about a piece of sculpture. It is always open to change. It is a celebration, one of surprise, not rehearsal. David Toresdahl  End Quote

copyright David Toresdahl and/or his heirs

David Toresdahl: 1939-2004