Cheryl Elliot and Monique Perzylo , A Poem about Friendship --- Pass the Salt and Pepper Shakers, please -  THE  POTATO  AND  ONION with Salt and Pepper,     we GROW Soulfully.  

We dedicate this song to Salt & Pepper

Hello My dearest friend
We (I) truly enjoy your company
We (I) would really like to be allowed to
enjoy the present moments of Love with you.

We (I) love to be wrong
because we get to grow
because we get to know
by being wrong

Because we know
When we are wong about what
We thought
We know
We get to grow

How we grow
was when we were wrong

                                                          Into the people we are 

growing  into humbleness
means we were wrong
that's how we grow

To make a million 'cause we are wrong
'cause we are just going to
Make a penny, that's Right Folks,
We touched Stone.


If you don't like the way
We move
then you best be on your way
I was wrong
but that's just the way
I play
Get it right, get it wrong

Be  Aware !

Play it safe ,  Be Aware !

and you'll all belong