This is a story about the beginning of Peace and Democracy (unconditional acceptance of Self and All Others) on the North American Continent!

JULY 1st shall be the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION of DEMOCRACY both in Canada and in Hong Kong, China.

Now let's us ask ourselves Where did this influence of democracy come from?

The Red Americans were visited by Deganawada and adopted his teachings of Peace and Democracy, and laws to establish ways of achieving co-operative and unconditional acceptance ....

He incarnated in the North Atlantic region, in a Huron village and as a young man made his way to a Mohawk village to teach inter-tribal peace. His purpose was to change their warriors ways..... There are 5 tribes that belonged to the Iroquois Nation, : Mohawks Onondaga Seneca Oneida Cayuga ...............and much later, the Tuscarora. We still hear about the SIX NATIONS League today!

Deganawada knew that the Truth of Living was within the Great Spirit and he spoke about us 2-legged, and the 4-legged and the winged-ones, the cycle of the seasons, how all is interconnected within all of us. He compared us to individual leaves on tree.

ALL Leaves on a tree co-existencing together. Individuals yet ONE!

Without giving details of Deganawida's life amongst the Mohawks, his teachings touched finally the heart of Hiawatha.... Hiawatha was a man who would oppose anything that Deganawida said. He was a bitter man who lost his family through violence.

They travelled together to all nations to convince each tribe of their once ancient teachings. How long ago, all tribes lived the life of the Great Spirit.

Hiawatha became known as the best orator.

When all tribes had agreed to live the Truth of the Creator, to feel unconditional-acceptance amongst themselves so that later when all the races came to their land,the beginning of Hope and Peace will bring forth the Unconditional Vision of ALL THAT IS.

From their Hearts, The Red people will show all races the way to a peaceful co-existence, Deganawida and Hiawatha proposed a ceremony of celebration which was held on Onondaga Lake (Syracuse,New York State.)

Runners and others would bring the message all across America, that all were welcome to join in a ceremony of the Iroquois League.

Thousands of People came to this meeting. They were told to camp near the biggest tree at a sacred lake, ONONDAGA. ""To meet at a time : ...."WHEN the GEESE FLY SOUTH".........""

It was more than a ceremony:

It was to establish the Iroquois Confederacy "The Great Law of Peace". There were 50 tribal leaders, and 10 of them were elected. SACHEMS they were called. These 10 leaders represented the people of 5 founding tribes.

Hiawatha spoke of the law of nature, law of cause and effect,

1)That what one gives , one brings into one's life. 2) About the flow of life within us the two-legged, and the 4 -legged and winged -ones.

3) The Tree of War is a Great Lie,disrupting happiness, joy and humour.

- The Tree of VIOLENCE can be Erased from our respective tribes. Deganawida said there will be people of white, black and yellow coming to their land and that The Planting of the Tree of Peace was the beginning of the WHite Roots of Peace, extending to the south, north, west and east.

-Deganawida asked the OLD GrandFather Pine Tree if it was alright to release its spirit for the sake of the people.

Everyone heard the OLD Pine Tree replying for the sake of The Tree of Peace

- The leaders uprooted it with their hands, in unity. And such a cavity was made that all buried their arms of war .

And that is how THE TRee of Peace was planted.

( READ page 27 from the The Trail of the Iroquois Indians, G. Elmore Reaman).

Then Hiawatha established ways of thinking about leadership.

1) No leader should lead more than for a purpose, even if that is for a season.

-hierarchy creates war, even within oneself , if not with others.

2) And that Women vote the principal chiefs and leaders for the coming season.

The confederacy was divided into 3 bodies. 3) 1)keepers of the eastern door 2) keepers of the western door 3) keepers of the central fire.

4 tribes voted,\ the 5th, the Onondaga were like the mediators, they were the Fire Keepers. The Fire Keeper would confirm unanimous decisions , or if there were no common ground, the Fire Keepers would make suggestions, and the 4 tribes would vote on it, etc.

When the immigrants arrived, the Iroquois had achieved within themselves a sense of co-creation, unconditional acceptance and vision for ALL.